It's Tatty Time

So the big day finally arrives and your trying to figure out if you're excited or nervous or scared or... well I dunno, it's a mixed bag right?


1. Come On In

When you first get there come on in and grab a seat in the waiting area. It's highly likely that your tattoo artist will be with a client so they'll probably say hi, but then get back into their work with their client as this is their time (and money) so we ask that you please respect that and wait patiently.

Your artist will be with you as soon as possible but feel free to watch from the waiting area. You are also welcome to grab a complimentary drink from the fridge while you wait too... settle in and get comfy!

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2. Consent Form

Once your artist has finished with their previous Client they will come over and set you up with our digital consent form. This marks the commence of your appointment time.

The consent form is a legal document required for every tattoo appointment and ensures the procedure is safe to complete. You can check out what is in our Consent Form here.

While you are filling in the consent form the artist will start setting up and sanitizing the work station ready for you.

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3. Design

The artist will then sit with you and discuss your design, size and placement. Now if you know exactly what you want and where, then this process is relatively simple and quick.

If, like most, you would like some changes made or even if you need a full tattoo designed from scratch then this is where you will sit with the artist and get the design drawn up on the iPad. Obviously this process can be quick for small tattoos and a little longer for larger pieces but you will be amazed at what our artists can do, and how fast they can do it on their tablets!

4. Stenciling

Once you've confirmed the final design with your artist they will print it out so you can check for sizing and placement. When you've nailed the size and where you'd like it the print gets turned into a stencil which then gets placed onto the body like one of those temporary tattoos we all used to get and throw away the gross bubblegum.

These stencils then take around 5 to 15-minutes to dry, depending on size and location, before the tattooing can start. During this time your artist will get together the required inks, needles and finish setting up the work station. In some instances the artist may free hand the tattoo on with pen but this will still need a little drying time also.

5. It's Tatty Time

Yay, you're ready to go! Your artist will sit you up on the chair or bench and then come's the first line... oh that first line haha.

Your artists will likely say something like "are you ready"... and nervously you'll say something like "I guess..." You'll then hear a vibrating noise, small tickling sensation and the next thing you know you'll be well on your way to having a new rad tattoo.

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6. During Your Tatty

One of the biggest contributing factors to a high quality tattoo with smooth line work and awesome shading is how still the canvas is... i.e. how still and relaxed you can be while your Artist is tattooing. Ever tried drawing a circle while 4-wheel driving, it isn't pretty. Our Artists will try to help you relax, be comfortable and guide you through but please remember this as it makes a big difference in the quality of your tattoo and duration of your appointment.

In saying this, we know it hurts and remember at anytime you can ask for a little break or some fresh air but please note that this time does add onto your appointment duration and thus will be charged at the applicable hourly rate.

All quoted appointments and hourly rates allow for our Artists to take a 10-minute break for every 50-minutes of tattooing. This ensures our Artists stay focused and deliver the highest quality work. So for a 1-hour appointment there is likely around 40-minutes of tattooing and thus no break will be needed. For longer appointments, say one that required 60-minutes of actual tattooing, then the Artists will likely take a 10-minute break around the 30 or 40-minute mark which obviously gives you a break also. Again please note that this break is allowed for in our rates and thus does not result in a discount or reduction in overall appointment time at the end of the appointment.

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7. Check It Out + Photos

Your tattoo is finished and now comes that awesome time where you get to check out and admire your new ink in full.

At this point we also just request a super short time to grab a couple photos of your new Artwork so we can show the world on our socials and keep some great memories of our time together.

8. That's a "Wrap"

Your tattoo is literally an open wound if you think about it so we need to protect it from all the harmful germs that could result in an infection! Our artists will apply some Aftercare Cream and wrap your tatty to protect it. They will then run you through the aftercare process so you know exactly what to do and when in order prevent any infection.

The aftercare process is not only a means of infection prevention, but this healing process also greatly contributes to the quality of your final healed tattoo. Using the wrong creams, exposing to excessive sunlight or picking at your tattoo can damage the ink and thus create faded areas or total drop outs requiring additional appointments for touch ups. Don't worry, our artists will guide you through the best practices to take care of your new artwork and you'll get it all in writing too.

We also stock the very best, all natural aftercare cream which is exclusive to Made For You Tattoo... trust me, you'll love it!

9. Ok, Pay Up

Look as much as we'd love to do what we do for free, it's just not a sustainable business model haha. You're appointment is now complete so our team will punch in your appointment time and calculate what you owe minus your deposit. You can check out our under/over appointment time policy which explains how differences in scheduled to actual appointment times are handled.

We have credit card, eftpos and cash facilities in store so you are free to pay however you prefer.

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10. What's Next...?

You're all done and free to escape now but please stay in touch. If you have any questions after your appointment feel free to contact us through our socials or on our website and when you're ready to do it all over again... yes it's addictive... then we'll be here ready to make another rad tatty with you.

Our Artists will also then clean up all the mess you made together and sanitize the area so the work station is ready for our next awesome client.

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Rock Up & Enjoy

Our Friendly Team Can't Wait To Hear From You