What we do goes beyond the artwork. The experience and memories created while getting your tattoo, we believe, are just as important as the high quality finished product... and that's what sets us apart from the rest!

"MFYT is nothing like any other tattoo studio you've walked into" Em

"The pain of paying the right price now, is a lot less than the pain of wearing a cheap tattoo for the rest of your life"






Hey there!

At Made For You Tattoo we are continually finding ways to make our business as efficient as possible while still giving the absolute BEST service in the industry so we can provide you a great priced tattoo of the highest quality!

There are a few key things to consider when comparing Tattooers and Studios so we’ve explained these for you below.

There are also a bunch of things that can either make your appointment time with us FASTER (i.e. less cost for you #winning), or longer which unfortunately means additional costs. We endeavour to be as transparent and honest with you as possible to help you have the best experience but also try to ensure the best price.

Below you’ll find the following:

  • Why you shouldn’t just compare Hourly Rates alone
  • Our Pricing Structure
  • How you can make your appointment as short as possible (i.e. keep the costs down)
  • What can extend the appointment and hence increase the costs
A quick note from Caught...

The hardest part for us in creating Made For You Tattoo is finding that balance between efficient appointment times while keeping those amazing vibes, welcoming atmosphere and chilled friendly presence that I love just as much as all my Client's do.

We know our tattoos are the highest quality and you shouldn't expect any less with tattoos. But we also want to provide them at great prices for you as we know they aren't in everyone's normal budget.

I love having a laugh, chatting and just being me but as my biz partner shows me (he's the numbers guy), to keep the prices at their best for you... we (which means you and me) have to try do it in a way that we still keep our appointment times as efficient as possible.

We can't wait to have a rad time with you soon!

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Why you shouldn’t just compare on Hourly Rates alone

Quality and Expertise

In every industry a higher price should represent a better quality, greater expertise or a more enjoyable experience. And “generally” in tattooing it shouldn’t be any different right… but we see it time and time again that people expect the same quality tattoo and service from someone with 6 months experience charging $150 per hour and a highly experienced Tattooer in an established studio who charges $300 per hour.

If you ask any artists if they can “do” fine line watercolour tattoos then they’re probably in their right to say yes… but just because they can “do” it, does not mean it will be very good. The 6-year-old kid up the street probably can “do” it, but I bet you’d think twice about saying yes until you’ve actually seen some of his other artwork of the same style.

We’re not saying look for the most expensive and pick them. More like, tattoos are permanent pieces of art on your skin so before jumping into the “what’s your rate” question, please make sure to check out your Artist’s QUALITY of work in the same style that you are after and ensure you are comfortable to have that quality on your body first.

Speed and Efficiency

Ok now we’ve established Quality is of the utmost importance we can now look at the duration of your tattoo which accompanied with a rate will give you the total cost.

Say Missy works on a $250 per hour rate and can do you tattoo in just 1 hour, so it will cost you $250. Steve is new in the biz and quotes you an hourly rate of $150 but when you go to get your tattoo it takes him 2 hours so you end up paying $300.

So with Steve, you’ve now paid $50 more than if you went to Missy but what is worse is you’ve also had to endure an extra hour of needles poking into your skin… what gives!

Steve is a lose lose… pay extra and endure extra pain.
Missy is a win win… pay less and endure less pain.

So, once you’ve confirmed the quality is great, along with their rate you need to know how long in total it is expected to take so you can obtain a total cost.

Safety and Legalities

Doing things the right, legal and safe way is usually pretty expensive in any business but with tattooing’s hospital grade sanitary requirements and strict legal policies there’s a fair few hoops to jump through.

Lucky, we love hoops and seem to be great at jumping!

Client and Tattooer safety is the number one priority at Made For You Tattoo and that’s why we invest in the best quality tattooing products, sanitary equipment and hygiene processes for the highest quality artwork and safest experience for you and our team.

Plus, ever wondered why some places give you the “Cash Only” statement…?

At Made For You Tattoo we love giving back to help develop and maintain the beautiful country and city we live in… so yes we do pay GST, we do pay taxes and we do accept card payment. We'll take you're money anyway you'd like to give it to us haha... but seriously

It's All About The Service

We truly believe in providing not only the best piece of artwork on your skin, but in doing everything we can to make the whole experience of your tatty adventure joyful, comfortable and amazing.

We are always finding ways to raise the bar of the tattoo industry, leading the way to provide something so much more than just a tattoo while delivering experiences to our awesome clients above their expectations.

There’s a reason our client’s say things like;

"MFYT is nothing like any other tattoo studio you've walked into" Emma
“Such a welcoming and friendly environment” Jess
“Love the studio felt very comfortable will definitely be back” Katrina
“Amazing vibes, best atmosphere and a real genuine experience” Manon
“Best tattoo experience EVER!!!” Sharon
“Absolutely amazing with such a great energy” Verona
“Such easy people to talk to. Very welcoming” Jessica
“Such a beautiful artist who actually cares” Sadie
“Over the moon. Such a lovely experience, felt so relaxed and comfortable” Rochelle

So, if you are looking for the best quality artwork, great customer service and super friendly atmosphere along with the highest safety standards then Made For You Tattoo is you’re jamb… see you soon!






Our Pricing Structure

We always try to provide clients with an estimated overall price as opposed to an hourly rate for their tattoo so they can compare fairly with other studios as they wish (taking note of everything mentioned above).

There are a few things that effect the duration of an appointment which are explained next, but this makes it hard to quote an exact price.

For example; an appointment for someone who knows exactly what they want, where they want it, what size and then sits like an absolute rock during the tattooing will take significantly less time than another person who want’s the same design with a couple small changes, is undecided between 3 different spots on the body and then jumps around on the table like a fish out of water and also needs a bunch of extra breaks during tattooing.

As such, our appointments are charged at an hourly rate with a one-off setup fee per appointment. All going well we are pretty confident with our price estimates but charging at an hourly rate does allow the flexibility to customise your experience (say if you want more design time etc.) and also potentially can save you some money for those veteran client’s that “know the drill” and help make it an efficient process for our team.

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Your Appointment Cost

So, you've been given an estimate for your tattoo which is based off the below hourly rates and how long we expect it to take. But on the day, each appointment's actual final cost will be calculated at the end of your appointment based on the total appointment time. A setup fee is charged for each appointment and your deposit is removed to get the payment required on the day.

Setup Fee

$30 per appointment including GST
(charged per person for group bookings)

Weekday Rate

(Monday to Friday including Thursday nights)
$180 per hour including GST

Weekend Rate

$210 per hour including GST

Public Holiday Rate

$240 per hour including GST

All hourly rates calculated on 10-minute intervals

Hover over the tattys below to see appointment time and total costs

(costs based on weekday and good flowing appointments)

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20-min Appointment


Placeholder Image

1 hr 30 min Appointment


Placeholder Image

2 hr Appointment


Placeholder Image

1 hr 30 min Appointment


Placeholder Image

40-min Appointment


Placeholder Image

30 min Appointment


Check out the below tattys examples for pricing

(costs based on weekday and good flowing appointments)

Placeholder Image

30 min Appointment


30-min Appointment ($120)
Placeholder Image

1 hr 30 min Appointment


1 hr 30 min Appointment ($300)
Placeholder Image

2 hr Appointment


2 hr Appointment ($390)

How can you make your appointment as short as possible

i.e. keep the costs down 

Here's a few tips and things you can do...

First of all you definitely want to read out info about what to expect on the day and do things like reading the Consent Form questions before you get there so when it comes time to fill it all in that process is super quick!

Next, now don’t take this the wrong way as we’re just trying to save you a few dollars… but try for minimal “chit chat” during setup and design etc. with a clear focus to get started tattooing. Once you are getting tattooed this is a great time to talk about your interests, hobbies, gossip and whatever else keeps your mind off getting tattooed haha.

Ok, we know we aren’t all artists so you may need some designs done or changed which is absolutely fine. Just try to have a clear idea of what you would like with some reference photos uploaded during online booking (or brought along with you).

Similar to design, positing on the body is sometimes a hard decision (we understand). But if you have a clear idea of where you want it and roughly what size with a good decisive objective for your artists you won’t waste anytime fiddling about with stencilling.

Now for tattooing! As our artists like to say, do you best to sit like a rock (i.e. be a bad ass and keep still) which not only gives you the highest quality tattoo but allows your artists to really get in the flow and tattoo super efficiently. Client’s like this make it super easy and get rewarded with less time on the table and more money in the wallet!

Much like the above, if you can tough it out and take no additional breaks outside of the already allowed for 10-mins per hour for our Artists, then you’ll be sure to get it all done as fast as possible.

Alrighty, here’s what can extend the appointment time

i.e. increase the costs of your tattoo

Look it is pretty much just the opposite of the above but we will explain it all again in terms of extending the appointment time.

So, if you don’t take the time to pre-read our consent form questions and then have to spend 15-minutes diligently going through the questions with your Artists then this is a quick $40 gone that could be spent on making some lovely tattys!

Also, don’t kick off the appointment playing 100 questions with your Artists as you’re on the clock. We try to balance the friendly and welcoming environment but we also want to save you some dollars and get you back in for some more tatty time so leave the chit chat for during your tattooing.

We know it isn’t simple and easy but if you are super unclear and undecisive with what you want then it is hard for our Artists to get your design done up efficiently. Similarly, with the stencilling, placement and size on your body, if you keep changing your mind requiring multiple stencils and continual reapplying etc. it all takes time and will soon chew up your appointment time.

Now for the actual tattooing… we know it’s scary, and yes it hurts but you’ve got this. If you are continually moving around on the table it not only makes it super difficult to do smooth lines and a great quality tattoo, but it just takes so much longer to get done. At the same time, if it is a real struggle for you and you need to keep taking small breaks that’s fine, but this will definitely extend your appointment time and thus create additional costs.

Our artists are always going to work with you to make this as smooth and enjoyable process as possible but we just like for our client’s to be aware of things that can hinder this approach.






Ok Come On... Let Me Book In Already!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read through the above as it truly helps us provide a great service and environment. If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch and ask away.

Now it's time to head over to our bookings page to find and secure your appointment. We genuinely can't wait to have you in.


See You Soon!